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Amy is AMAZING!!! It’s as simple as that. This was my second wedding, as I lost my first husband so I didn’t know what to expect. Our first meeting she was so kind and personable, that my mom on the spot wanted her. Amy made this process so easy for me, my parents, and my groom. She mad sure all the vendors knew my situation, and in doing so I never felt awkward talking about my first wedding and how I wanted it different. Amy knew that I wasn’t picky, and together we learned how to trust each other to the point where she could just tell me what would look good or simply surprise me for the wedding. She made sure that she not only was making me happy, but she was making the groom happy also. She cares so much about her Brides and Grooms, that she gets to know them and there hopes for their (our) big day. When the wedding was over, we were left saying “I want her to be my best friend. I seriously miss our daily texts and messaging, I feel like I lost my friend.” I’m so glad I called Amy first on my list of preferred vendors, You will not be disappointed with her at all. She is again simply AMAZING and WONDERFUL!! Ps. The Groom speaking here, Amy was beyond spectacular. Her attention to detail and her heart and kindness made her someone very special to have as part of our day. I said Thank you to her more than I can remember ( I still don’t think it was enough) haha. She wasn’t just our wedding planner, she ended up becoming a friend.
— Natalie + Matt
From the first day I met Amy, I knew I picked the right wedding planner. She is so organized and takes care of every detail so that you don’t have to stress about it. There are little details when planning a wedding that you completely forget about. Amy took care of so many of these things that slipped my mind. It definitely put me at ease. Other than being a great coordinator, Amy also has great style. I was so lucky to have found a wedding planner who coordinated my timeline the day of, but also styled my whole backyard wedding. She took my vision and personal style and made it into real life. I was so pleased with the results of our backyard wedding. I still get compliments from my guests to this day who tell me my wedding was so cool and unique. It also got featured on Green Wedding Shoes- yay! This was all thanks to Amy. One last thing I wanted to mention was how pleasant it was working with Amy. She is so kind and it was almost like working with a long time friend. She makes you feel so comfortable and never puts down your ideas or needs. Thanks so much Amy for making our wedding day so great!
— Candice + Joe
Amy Beck had me at “I love your name!” Just from that response of her email, I knew she was the coordinator I wanted- personal, friendly, and pays attention to detail, which are all so important in planning a wedding! From the moment we met, I felt like we were on the same page. She is the kind of person who makes you feel like you have been friends for years. Before I tell you how amazing Amy is, I would like to give you some background. My husband and I got engaged on March 7th, 2015, and by April we decided we wanted to get married on June 21, 2015! Crazy, I know! I am a 4th grade teacher, so planning a wedding in less than 3 months was scary and stressful, to say the least. After meeting Amy, I knew that between her and my Maid of Honor, everything would be exactly how I wanted. We hired Amy as a “day of” coordinator (more like “month of” coordinator) and she went above and beyond! When we had our walk through, I was overwhelmed. There was so much I had not even thought about! Amy kept me calm and would check in on me. I would text her pictures and ideas and she would always give me honest feedback. When my wedding day finally came, I was totally confident that everything would run smoothly because Amy was there and in charge. I honestly was not stressed the entire day! Plus, she made each space at our venue look stunning! Thank you Amy for all your hard work to help my wedding be as special as it could be! You are amazing at what you do. I could not have possibly planned this wedding without your help and guidance!!
— Brittan + Peter
Amy created the most magical wedding I could of asked for. From the moment she met me she understood my vision and created exactly what I wanted! She also made the wedding planning so easy, that I was never stressed out. She paid close attention too all the small details I overlooked and helped create the best day of my life! If I ever have a chance to hire Amy again, I would do it in a heart beat! And I will be recommending her to all my friends when their day comes to get married. Thank you so much Amy!
— Megan + Matt
It.s hard to put into words just how perfect Amy Beck and all in the detail design were for my new husband and I! Lets just say that I have the type of man that wanted to save money in any way and wanted to squeeze by without a planner. After everything that amy did for us to make our day feel like a dream, he has not stopped talking about how much we needed her and how easy she made the day! Amy is so sweet and really has an eye for details. Hence all in the detail design... I get it now;)
When I walked into our reception and saw our ceremony sight, it honestly took my breath away. I was in shock how everything came together!
If you are into the kind of wedding where you dont have to worry about a thing all day long and know that everything will come together even better than you ever imagined.. look no further!
Thank you so much, Amy! There really arent words for how much we appreciate everything you did <3 I miss our wedding day so much. I wish I could live in that day forever xoxoxoxoxoxoox
— Rose + Anthony
There really aren’t sufficient words to describe the attention to detail, professionalism, and endless love that Amy put into our very special event. My daughter’s wedding was perfect (no really! perfect!) from start to finish. Amy was THE reason for the way the day (and days leading up to it) went. She is ultra-organized, exceptionally creative and incredibly cool and calm (right AND left brained - such an amazing combination). We could not have pulled this off without her. The bottom-line is...this lady knows exactly what she’s doing, EXCELLENCE is her middle name. It was our privilege to work with her and we would recommend her to everyone and anyone without hesitation!
— Lyndsay (Mother of the Bride)
I’m really not sure what I would have done without Amy & her amazing team on my wedding day. As a designer and someone who had bought, painted, crafted & designed almost all of the decor for my wedding, it was my baby and I wanted to make sure it was perfect. Amy brought my vision to life and made it more beautiful than I ever imagined. She was so easy to work with; calm, knowledgeable, punctual and most of all fun! I would recommend her 100 times over to anyone who asked, and I already miss working with her. My wedding day wouldn’t have been nearly as beautiful or stress-free if not for Amy!
— Kat + Brad
Amy was hands down one of the best decisions I made re my wedding. She was my absolute life saver. Given that I am usually a huge nit-picker on details (realizing that I used the word “pizza” on the menus rather than “flatbreads” kept me up the night before my wedding), I can honestly say there is not one single thing I would change about our wedding. Amy worked so incredibly hard to make sure every detail went off without a hitch (or at least not in any way that anyone would ever notice) and she moved things along on time without ever making me feel rushed. I am SO impressed with everything! She has such a great talent for this! And is so incredibly kind a patient. She keeps you from straying away from your original vision when you get overwhelmed. Even her assistant was spectacular. I am so happy she decided to take on our wedding and put up with some of our major changes (like the venue change). I will truly miss working with her. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Amy, for giving Jeff and I (and our family) these absolutely perfect memories!
— Kayla + Jeff
I don’t think that I am talented enough with words to truly express the gratitude I have for Amy. I don’t know where I should start, so I guess I will start at the beginning. Amy was one of a number of Wedding Coordinators that our Venue, the Casino San Clemente, listed on their preferred vendor list. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I decided to look at not only each vendor my venue suggested, but a number of others from various wedding magazines, websites, and friend recommendations. After pursuing quite a number of websites, Facebook pages, and yelp reviews, I decided it was time to make some phone calls. It didn’t take more than a few minutes (maybe even seconds!) on the phone with Amy to schedule a meeting. I was not disappointed. The moment I met her I felt like I had known Amy for ages. Not only was she easy to talk to, she seemed to completely comprehend exactly what I was describing to her. She was able to fill in the blanks that I had been obsessing over for months. She was just the person I was looking for. After our meeting my husband and I decided that we needed Amy for every step of our wedding. I can tell you it was probably the best decision I made in the planning process. Amy is absolutely spectacular and helped me narrow down my vision by listening to my wants and needs, finding inspiration, creating inspiration boards, and locating the perfect vendors to help create the perfect wedding. She contacted and scheduled vendor meetings, addressed my budget concerns and found fantastic alternatives, dealt with vendor contracts, coordinated vendors on the day of, and so much more! Amy was there for me every step of the way. She even located a fantastic videographer TWO WEEKS before the wedding because I realized I would regret it if I didn’t have footage the day of. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate and respect this woman. I truly believe that our wedding would not have turned out the way it did without her. It was absolutely beautiful and there was not one thing that I had to do outside of enjoying time with my girls, walking down the aisle, marrying the man of my dreams, and dancing the night away! I had not one worry because she literally handled everything. And, if you are familiar at all with all the ins and outs of a wedding, that’s saying something. Amy is a spectacular and talented coordinator. She is a blessing in more ways than one and I am so happy that I found her. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you choose her as your wedding coordinator.
— Alex + Danny
From the moment we first chat on the phone until the end of my wedding night, Amy always gave me a sense of calmness. She often reminded me to breath and to relax. The month of the wedding, she had the best suggestions and was so helpful. We sat down and went over every detail of the timeline and she made sure I was comfortable with it. It was so easy to let go and let her take over. I trusted her to keep the night flowing and everyone happy. If there was ever something that I needed, she would quickly get it done. My wedding was such a great night and she made it that much better. Thank you Amy!
— Maggie + Eric
All In The Detail Design made our wedding an absolute blast! Amy helped us to make it our own. When we decided to move our date up due to relocation she helped make the impossible happen!
Within 2.5 months we went from vague ideas of what we thought we’d like our wedding to be, to having a fully developed and detailed wedding. Amy made it possible for us to have the fine tuned and fun wedding that was our own. We were continually impressed with her creativity: both in design aspect and working/finding vendors to fit our budget. The event went flawlessly and all of our 150 guests had a great time and were blown away!
— Michelle + Alex
My husband and I were fortunate enough to work with Amy the past year on our daughter’s Bat Mitvah party. I can’t even begin to say how much I love her and what an incredible job she did. She worked with us from start to finish for the past year and brought my vision to life. I had ideas but Amy took those and created an amazing soccer theme with a locker room set up, VIP Lounge area for the kids and a beautiful donut bar that was a HUGE hit with not only the kids, but the adults as well. The room looked elegant but fun and could have come straight out of a magazine. Amy is down to earth, easy to work with, creative, listens to your ideas and finds ways to make them work in an affordable way. Although I had most of my vendors set before I hired Amy, she worked diligently to make sure I found the best fit for the rest. The catering manager at our venue spoke very highly of her and said she was the best planner they had ever worked with. That is a huge compliment considering the amount of events they put on. I stress a lot and I have to say that I had no stress the day of the event. Just knowing Amy was setting up and working with the vendors while I was at my daughter’s service was comforting. I will definitely be using Amy for any future event we have and will recommend her to anyone I know. It would be an honor to work with her again.
— Jodi + Marc